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Premium Estates of Austria – an outstanding portfolio of wines, distillates and vinegars that come from the most sought-after regions of Austria.

Alois Gölles, Fred Loimer, Gernot Heinrich and Willi Sattler founded the Premium Estates of Austria in 2004. Its success prompted Fritz Wieninger and Schellmann to join the project in 2007 – a move that strengthened Premium Estates of Austria even further. All of these talented names are highly regarded as pioneers and ideal representatives of the Austrian beverage and delicacy culture.

Premium Estates of Austria – acting as an interface between the producers and the trade without influencing the production and manufacture.

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We are also proud to offer you the finest glassware through our cooperation with Zalto Glas. Their outstanding glass design has inspired not only all of our member wineries, but also several other top producers as well as wine critics worldwide.

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Premium Estates Marketing GmbH, Baumgarten 60, A-7122 Gols

Gernot & Heike Heinrich

Gernot Heinrich Terroir Purist:
Gols, Neusiedlersee Burgenland


The vocabulary with which Gernot Heinrich tells his story is uncomplicated yet distinctive: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent – red grape varieties which he tends with loving care in optimal locations around his wine estate. The white varietals are represented by Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, which are so at home in the region, that they, along with the red Pinot Noir, are considered indigenous. They do, however, play a minor role in the portfolio. Having changed to biodynamic viticulture, Gernot Heinrich’s processing incorporates a symbiosis of the traditional and the innovative, and he is not afraid to strike out in new directions.

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Willi Sattler Styrian Pioneer:
Gamlitz, Südsteiermark Styria


Perfect physiologically ripe grapes are the quintessential ingredient for this Sauvignon Blanc perfectionist´s wines. Willi Sattler manages three of the best vineyard sites of Styria: Sernauberg, Pfarrweingarten and Kranachberg. The steep vineyards here, as well as other topographic conditions, form the cornerstone for his aromatic and complex wines – not only Sauvignon Blanc, but also Morillon, the region’s equivalent to Chardonnay. The “Steirische Klassik STK” wines are bottled at a young age and feature maximum fruitiness and freshness. And the best grapes – those that have attained perfect ripeness – are always vinified according to their specific vineyard.

These wines show the cru names – “Erste STK Lage” and “Grosse STK Lage” – on the label. Willi Sattler also harvests and ages various selections separately. He is very meticulous especially when it comes to ageing, and chooses the ideal style and process for each wine – with which he maintains a continuous dialogue.

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Fritz Wieninger

Fritz Wieninger Innovative Traditionalist:
Stammersdorf, Wien Vienna

wiener weingärten

“Viennese wine” and “Wieninger” are practically synonymous. In fact, much of the prestige of Vienna’s wines can be attributed to the Wieninger winery. Nearly 100 years old, this winery was first run exclusively as a “Heurigen” (vineyard tavern) until Fritz Wieninger, Jr., became its wine production manager in the 1980s. Now he concentrates solely on distinctive, high-quality products. The fruit for these unique wines is sourced from the Bisamberg (sand, loam, loess) and Vienna’s most famous vineyard site, the Nussberg (weathered limestone). Having experimented with biodynamic viticulture already for some time, Fritz Wieninger decided at the beginning of 2008 to work

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Fred Loimer

Fred Loimer Dynamic Individualist:
Langenlois, Kamptal Lower Austria


How can you take life easy, and yet seriously? How can you vehemently employ biodynamic agriculture without drifting into sectarianism? How can you produce wines that are profound, but not show-offs? How can you explain the new Loimer wines to wine experts and their disciples without being overly pedantic? These and similar questions characterize our professional and private everyday lives. See for yourself!

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Alois Gölles

Alois Gölles Vinegar & Spirit Perfectionist:
Riegersburg, Südoststeiermark Styria


When apples become balms and fruits are presented in their most aromatic liquid forms, only one name comes to mind: Alois Gölles, the master of high-quality distillates and precious vinegars from Southeastern Styria. For four generations, his family has been cultivating orchards on the sunny countryside hills around Austria’s Riegersburg Castle. Even though his name is mostly associated with brandies, also vinegars have become increasingly important for the Alois Gölles estate.

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