Harvest Update 2019

Are you curious to learn what we experienced during harvest 2019?
Here is the vintage report of the Premium Estates of Austria for you!

Gernot & Heike Heinrich

After a hot and very dry summer, we started harvesting on August 28. We had a beautiful harvest period during September and beginning October with really cold nights – almost ideal circumstances causing low yield, small berries with healthy skin, ripe tannins and vibrant acidity. Perfect conditions for producing wines with great character showing a distinctive sense of place.

Particularly the whites (Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Chardonnay), Pinot noir and Blaufränkisch from the Leithaberg are outstanding, we are getting close to a balance that tends towards the ideal. And one more time we are realizing that working in this very natural and biodynamic way is reflecting more personality in every stage of our wines, even or especially in the „childhood“! We finished harvesting on October 4 and now it´s time to take care of these „raw diamonds“ in our cellar.

The first 2019´s are already in our cellar. No wine of course, but our Verjus and our grape juice are ready to be enjoyed. From this vintage onwards, we are, besides Respekt, also Demeter certified.


Fred Loimer

Offering a wide range of various gifts mother nature is providing for us, the harvesting period at the Loimer winery is rather long. Fred started on August 14 with the grapes for Verjus. He continued with the sparkling grape juice in Gumpoldskirchen on the August 19. The grapes for our sparkling wines were also picked within August while the main harvest for still wines kicked off on September 9. In Gumpoldskirchen we finished on September 19 and in Langenlois on October 10. Saying that, it´s obvious that the Thermenregion is warmer and the level of ripeness is achieved sooner than in the Kamptal.

The weather conditions could not have been better in both regions. Only a few days of rain, the rest of the time is was mostly blue sky and sunshine. Not too hot at the beginning and 3/4 of all days in moderate temperatures. – A “WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE” harvest, Fred Loimer says.

The grapes where just perfect. Healthy, clean, very good in taste. The analytics could not be better and the first dry tanks taste very promising!


In the beautiful Südsteiermark, a compact four weeks harvest period just came to an end on October 11. The first grapes got picked on September 19 and the first two weeks were used for bringing in the great qualities for the region and village level wines. On October 4 we started with the single vineyards. The weather conditions were perfect. Physiologically ripe grapes in amazing conditions made our days nicer and the sun shine even brighter. Not only great quality, but finally some really good quantities will be remembered when talking about 2019. It´s satisfying after a lot of difficult years in a row.

Wieninger/Hajszan Neumann

In our capital city, Vienna, we started to harvest on September 13, almost a bit late compared to the last years, and we are about to finish. During harvest, Fritz is the first out in the morning and he also closes the cellar door in the night. Also for him, this year was exceptional in terms of harvesting conditions. Warm days, cooler nights and not a lot of rain – all you can wish for.

Ripe grapes with wonderful aromas and a great balance are going to relate to elegant and fine whites as well as juicy and savory reds. The quantity is smaller than expected but as Fritz has 7 ha of new vineyards, the overall crop is fine.


Enough rainfall, no hailstorms, perfect harvest conditions, wonderful and aromatic fruits. This is how Alois Gölles describes 2019. A remarkable year for fruit, this is how we are going to remember this year.

But the Gölles family will also think about something else when they think about 2019. It´s the year when David Gölles opened his “House of Whiskey, Gin and Rum”

Over the past four years, David has worked tirelessly to develop his line of spirits. His openness his great interest in high-quality culinary products and his great enthusiasm provide the pillars of this development. Please have a look at Ruotkers and contact us for more information.

With this, we wish you a wonderful fall!

We will be back with more information before Christmas. Until then, we look forward to hearing from you or to see you, either in Austria at our wineries or during one of our trips to your part of the world!

Your Premium Estates  of Austria – Team

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